Inspection Prior to Buying or Selling?

pre purchase home inspectionEvery home is unique with its own design, style and building materials.

All home inspections are confidential reports prepared exclusively for the client. These reports are emailed, available online from a protected web site or printed. It is your option who you release this information to.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

This is generally the most popular type of home inspection. From the buyers’ perspective a pre purchase inspection is a necessary report for making an informed decision to purchase. Knowing as much as possible before you purchase is an important process with any large investment.

Having an impartial inspector evaluate the present condition of your prospective home, identifying the positive attributes as well as any maintenance or safety issues and possible significant deficiencies will increase your confidence to make a decision to purchase and helps to relieve the anxieties associated with real estate investments.

Pre-Sale Inspections

You might want to consider this strategy. Just like pre approved mortgages a pre-sale home inspection has definite advantages.

A professional home inspection report is a great marketing tool for a competitive advantage over other homes for sale on the market.

Unfortunately it is not very often home owners enlist the services of a home inspection prior to selling their home. In doing so they are offering home field advantage to the potential buyers. Professionally home inspections are very thorough reports. You are the proud owner and you should know the present condition better than anyone. Don’t be surprised by an unknown condition(s) that is revealed by from the buyers’ home inspection report.

There can be anxiety and stress involved having an inspector come through and inspect your home for someone else’s benefit. If you were to hire your own inspection you would be reversing the strategy, having the inspection done for your benefit. This would give you time to address any maintenance required, time to complete any repairs and time to highlight the positive attributes of your home or allow for fair negotiation.

This would make for a smoother sales transition with fewer conditions to purchase, and would give you confidence in knowing the condition of your home as an inspection report would reveal.

Post Inspection Support

Should you have any concerns or questions after you have received your inspection report we are there to offer our support and advice for any items we have identified or any new problems which may develop. Just give us a call and we would be pleased to assist you.

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